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.Peachy and Keen our loveable mascots taking our message to kids all over Scotland

To promote healthy eating, sport, sustainability and positive thinking we are proud to introduce you to Peachy & Keen our wonderful childrens characters.

Pechy & Keen Kids Characters Peachy and Keen

We have had the privilege of working at education related events where we combine engaging activities, using a range of PeachyKeen resources to achieve learning outcomes that fulfil the requirements of Curriculum for Excellence.

Peachykeen The Human  Energy Company in Education and Schools

PeachyKeen focuses on developing the four capacities in a context that has a strong bias towards Health & Wellbeing and "green" environmental awareness. Though we see it all as PeachyKeen "fun", schools see it as an opportunity for inter-disciplinary learning, emphasising renewable energy, healthy eating, exercise and individual/team development .

An affirmation used by Peachy & Keen is:

"Be Good. Be Great. Be PeachyKeen"

One school used this phrase to produce stories using "Comic Life" to encourage their children to embrace these values.

Peachykeen the human energy company in education and schools

An educational pack cross referenced to experiences/ outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence, with follow-up suggestions is available to provide a range of ideas, although of course teachers will want to tailor things specifically for their children.


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