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Partners with Peachy Keen THe Human Energy Company Kirkcaldy Fife Scotland

PeachyKeen is PeachyKeen as a direct result of the exceptional knowledge, enthusiasm and friendship of our partners:
Bikeworks - A source of inspiration and resources for our cycle related activities.
CHSS - PeachyKeen's adopted charity, especially the Kirkcaldy group who meet in St Bryce next door to Area 51 - a joy and privilege to know.
Colourworks - GREAT company who were absolutely BRILLIANT when PeachyKeen moved into Area 51. Experts in sport arena painting and specialist metal cutting.
Glasgow Science Centre - PeachyKeen's events business was born here for which we are eternally grateful.
Integrated Circles - In many ways Integrated Circles has acted as a company role model in the evolution of PeachyKeen.
JEA Engineering - A centre of engineering excellence with a wealth of experience. Their willingness to assist PeachyKeen has been FANTASTIC.
Magma Fabrication - When it comes to covering things in sheet metal in such a way that the finish is functional and looks good - the Team is here.
Pedalite - PeachyKeen utilise Pedalite Pedals as they fit in with our energy generation ethos and they also add a touch of panache to our products.
RM Blacksmith - The team have to be TRULY complimented for their support of PeachyKeen, especially at the beginning, as their expertise and enthusiasm enabled ideas to become reality.
Studio 46 - Studio 46 has a unique style that makes the high quality of their photographic work stand out. Many of the images on this website are a result of professional Studio 46
Windstream - Knowledge and expertise in the "micro" energy generation field is unsurpassed and PeachyKeen is indebted for their support and friendship.

PeachyKeen Tel: 01592 262500. Email: