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.Area 51  Human Energy Resoources in Kirkcaldy Fife Scotland

Area 51 is the hub for all PeachyKeen's activities and it is a building that all those involved with the company have a real affection. It is primarily the PeachyKeen workshop and also acts as an events venue and a place to demonstrate our products.

Area 51 began life as a coach house and stables for the property of John Hunter who owned and resided in Hunter House. This section of Hunter's Estate was left to his housekeeper and in time was purchased by Mr J. Black who ran a well-known and successful plumbing business. The original "L" shaped building served to accommodate Mr Hunter's horses and coaches. It was extended in the 1940's to fill in the yard area and laterally to form a first-floor workshop.

The stable area has been converted into a PeachyKeen human powered cinema though the layout remains the same with the positioning of the original horses stalls visible on the floor. The room that housed the carriage is now PeachyKeen's events/demonstration space.

Upstairs there is a fitness studio used for general exercise and Pilates along with a business meeting area. One of the main spaces on the first floor is the "Duncan Kelly Room", a workshop area used primarily for PeachyKeen product assembly.

Area 51 is across the road from the Old Kirk and should any of our clients like a tour up the Old Kirk Tower and a possible ring of the bell, please let us know as our wonderful friends from the Kirkcaldy Old Kirk Trust would be happy to oblige - how cool is that?


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