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PeachyKeen : Specialists in Human Energy systems.

PeachyKeen is in the energy business, the human energy business.

PeachyKeen designs and manufactures products that utilise human movement to generate electricity; the electronics to manage the electricity; and the activities to utilise the electricity. The focus of our equipment is the creation of electricity in an enjoyable, interactive way that enables people to improve their fitness, yet our technology can be practically applied to a variety of environments.

PeachyKeen has bespoke events expertise that enables us to create fun, human energy powered equipment specific to customer requirements across all sectors. Our brand identity is proudly captured in our logo:

  • The name PeachyKeen is antipodean inspired and evokes positive well-being.

  • Core colours: Red for energy and passion. Peach for warmth and positivity. Green for the environment and creativity.

  • Shape of the Peach symbolises perpetual motion of the cycle of life and nature.


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PeachyKeen - The Human Energy Company
is proud to be one of the sponsors of
The Meedies Bike Club.

Peachkeen sponsors Medddies Bike Club


PeachyKeen Tel: 01592 262500. Email:

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